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UNITED STATES of America PAGEANTS is looking for highly motivated individuals to join our team. We are currently accepting applications for State and Local directorships. 

REQUIREMENTS. You must meet one or more of the following in order to be considered.

If you do not meet one of the following criteria you would need to complete one of the following requirements before entering into contract with USOA. 

1. Have previous experience directing a pageant, are an event planner or have successfully owned a business 

2. Have previously competed in a USOA National Pageant or is the parent of a former contestant  

3. Have served as a USOA Volunteer, Judge, Sponsor or Intern

4. Have been recruited by an existing USOA team member

Directorship positions are a licensing opportunity as an independent contractor. A $1000.00 deposit is due immediately if a contract is extended to you.

If you meet the requirements or are able to commit to completing one of the requirements prior to the start of your directorship please fill out the application below and CLICK HERE to schedule an interview

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