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UNITED STATES of America's MS. 

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United States of America's Ms.- Keerah Yeowang

Empowering women and young girls to embrace their inner confidence and feel beautiful is this queen's mission and priority.


That spirit, along with her commitment through entrepreneurship and advocacy to lift up and inspire women everywhere, won her the title of United States of America’s Ms. Wisconsin and to go on and win the United States of America’s Ms. 2022 title in February 2022.


Yeowang is an entrepreneur and professional makeup artist who launched her own beauty brand, Poshmetics Cosmetics, to inspire self confidence in women and teen girls through makeup and beyond. The leading beauty brand is recognized worldwide for their cutting-edge highlighter.


In her career as an independent image, beauty, and etiquette consultant, Keerah aims to inspire self-esteem and self-confidence to teen girls and women through make-up and beyond. Additionally, she seeks to serve women in all seasons of life, including corporate executives and community leaders. 


Keerah has written blogs and appeared on both radio and television. She is also known for her outstanding work in charity and volunteerism. Keerah is taking her passion to the next level by developing the Powder Room Finishing School (TPRFS), where she uses her expertise in fashion, modeling, makeup and pageantry to pour into young women and girls. 


“I strongly believe that when you look good, you feel good,” Yeowang said. “When you feel good, you do good. My goal is to go beyond makeup to help every woman look, feel, and do good every day.”


Yeowang’s business network and personal outreach extend all the way from Milwaukee to Kisumu, Kenya, a port city on Lake Victoria in Africa. There, she has worked with the Widows Training Center with the Carter’s Foundation in the Ngere Kagoro village to help ostracized and underserved widows, orphans, and people experiencing disabilities achieve self-sufficiency with job readiness and entrepreneurship training.


In addition to running her own business and advocating for female empowerment, she is the leader of the exclusive Facebook group “The Powder Room,” a private beauty community where members discuss beauty, fashion, confidence, and more. Through her international campaign “Confidence is Currency”, her mission is to enlighten women's perspective everywhere and they know that once they crack the code of confidence, they hold the key to everything they want in life.

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